NFT - Old Projects



The entire collection is a collection of works made in various techniques, including pencil, pen, crayon, felt-tip pen.

All the works were done by hand in the years 1985 - 1988. At that time I was attending primary school. It is the only such collection, the whole was digitized around 2005, now the NFT tokens are the only copy of these works. There is no other copy available on the Internet, and the play has not been published until today.

20 th Centry Fox

The picture was inspired and had a huge impact on the young mind of the movie "Star Trek: The Voyage Home"

The Chip

Imagination in a young mind is great, and trying to put it on paper can be fascinating, Here we have a visualization of the idea of ​​a microprocessor, without any technical knowledge (because where does it come from in a child).

Cyber ​​Text

This is one of a series of works that was supposed to start a graphic story inspired by "Star Wars". This particular card served as an introduction to the world.


Another in a series of graphic stories about Trigaw Charlatan, depicting a civilization in space, here you can see a clear inspiration from 'Star Wars'

Human dash

Loose interpretation of alternative life on earth, one of the first attempts at painting with a feather.


A very interesting attempt to create the image with a pencil, no sharp contours, the image is visible only thanks to the shadows.


An attempt to combine the fantasy world and SF, interestingly enough, the whole work, despite the clear layering, was created without any sketches or templates, just out of the head. the content was supposed to be the cover of a whole series of graphics.


Passion for mathematics, and in particular geometry and perspective in one work. Everything created with felt-tip pens and a pencil. The whole work required precision, no room for errors, one stroke, one line.


An attempt to present care and suffering in one work of art. Another image made in a non-contour technique, the whole work is visible mostly thanks to the shadows.


Graphics made only with a pencil with very visible contours, it is difficult to describe what is happening here, but it certainly leaves a lot to be interpreted, the leitmotif of levitation.


Another page of the graphic story, you can clearly see the inspiration of fantasy and SF, technique - pencil and pen.

The apartment

An attempt to pierce the fourth wall by creating a drawn and labeled piece of paper on both sides. Another part of the graphic story. Pencil plus crayon.


The culmination of passion in the subject of geometry and perspective, a full set of tools was used: pencil, pen, felt-tip pen, crayon, pen.


Images or maybe stop signs, a loose form of images in a picture, with the leitmotif of graphic signs, an interesting attempt to distinguish individual elements by means of color. Crayon and pencil.


Almost completely contour-free attempt to place the face on a piece of paper, a work done with a pencil.


A fascination with shapes, contours and colors in all their glory, it is difficult to say what we are looking at, but it is also interesting and intriguing. Made with crayons.


This artwork was originally supposed to be called an airplane, but changed its name due to a much more visible weather effect, completely contoured except for a small detail in the background that I leave to the imagination.


A fascination with geometry and colors in all its glory, a pen and a crayon.


An attempt to imagine the multimedia of the future, and the forms into which human beings or their substitutes could be transformed. All made with a feather.

Torture chamber

Another part of the science fiction epic, no need to hide, Triglaw Charlatan had very interesting ways to spend time.


The graphic story enters the next stage, it's time to present a positive hero today we would say an antagonist. Technique - pencil and pen.

Big ship

Fascination with science fiction in all its glory. There is a lack of depth in some elements, but that was the effect it was about. Crayons and a pen.


It is a very refined work with the preservation of perspective and depth. This is one of the last works of this period. Made with a pencil and a ruler.

The world

This work was made of one dot. When you look at a blank sheet of paper, you have to put that first dot, once you've made up your mind, the world begins to appear on its own. Feather, ink.


An interesting graphical experiment where light changes the perception of an image. Crayon and pencil.


As you can imagine going through a black hole, a journey between dimensions, an attempt at an answer just emerges in this work. Drawn with a pencil.


Time for another fascination, liquids and more specifically water is beautiful, and this is an attempt to stop one elusive moment with water in the lead role. Drawn with a pencil.


Simple structure, highly concentrated, a vision of a small but complete castle in its concept. Picture painted with pencil, crayons and ballpoint pen.

Castle "interior"

The interior of the future castle, full of colors and youthful imagination, pen, pencil, crayons.


It is a simple yet meaningful work to commemorate the senseless death of a friend. Techniques: pencil, crayon, pen.


The unfinished picture of political changes in the international arena, of course through the eyes of a child. Picture painted with a pencil.

Life 1,2,3

Life is a series of works consisting of three paintings illustrating a simple vision of life. Its creation, the supposed purpose of life along with the path through it, and the final end of the story.